Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feeling Left Out?

Haven't gotten a newsletter in a while?


- Your email address has changed and you haven't apprised us of that.

- Your chapter membership has lapsed.

Pop an email to the chapter either giving us your updated contact information or double-checking your membership status. Or if you know it's been a while since you paid your membership dues, Send 10 clams to the address listed on our local chapter website.

Once we get your email address and have made sure that your membership is current, you will be invited to join our chapter's Yahoo Group. That is how our newsletter, announcements, and late-breaking news will be distributed. As we have no volunteer in the position of Newsletter Editor at the moment, it's doubly important you sign up. All news that is meant for current members only will be distributed via our chapter's Yahoo Group. I love the smell of the 21st Century in the morning...

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