Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ridesharing to CRFG Events

Our chapter covers a broad area so sometimes the meetings are farther away than people feel like going. I'd like to see members using the Golden Gate CRFG Discussion List to offer and look for rides to meetings and other CRFG events. To that end, let me state that I'm happy to drive a couple people from near Ashby BART to the meeting at the El Sobrante Library on the 8th. The only caveat is that I have to be there to set up and break down so if you're with me, you're going to be there from 12:30ish to 4:15ish...

I'd especially like to see ride offers from members from SF, the North Bay and Contra Costa County who are planning on coming to the meeting. It's a great way to get to know people, to boost meeting attendance (which will really work in your favor this time since we're looking to get info from our members), to reduce your carbon footprint.

For those getting rides, it's always good etiquette to share gas and toll expenses. Especially with gas at $3.50 a gallon as of tonight!

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