Sunday, February 17, 2008

Badges? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges!

Well, you may not need them, but they sure help! Tired of filling out nametags at events? Get your CRFG member engraved badge and you can say goodbye to writer's cramp! Not only does it help folks at meetings know what to call you (besides "Hey, you!"), not only does it make our meetings seem friendlier and more approachable to potential members, you can also use the badge at other events.

For instance, I never received my name badge for my Master Gardener training class. I wear my CRFG badge instead. Not only do classmates say they love how easy my badge is to read, it invites questions like "The 'Golden Gate Chapter' of what??" See? Perfect opportunity to tell someone about CRFG. I mean, they asked!

The name badge kits are $5. You can either have them engraved at an engraver you like, or you can use the badge engraving service that CRFG currently has a limited time deal with. They'll charge $5.50 to engrave each badge, or will charge $5 per badge for orders of 10 or more from a single chapter (presumably the orders would need to be pooled and ordered at one time. I'll coordinate this if you like.) I ordered mine just a couple months ago and the current batch are white with green lettering. They have a metal enamel pin of the CRFG logo on them.

The marketplace also has CRFG 4 color decals ($1 per each or $10 per dozen), 3" cloth patches ($3), and pins ($4). You can order by calling Jack Burgard at 951 threefivethree seventeensixty-seven (4pm - 7pm Pacific time) or emailing market (at) You can send a check made out to CRFG, Inc. to CRFG Marketplace, 2198 John St., Riverside, CA 92503-6822 I believe you can also pay via PayPal if you ask Jack where to go to.

Badges are for CRFG members only (not just a chapter subscriber, but a member of the chapter AND national CRFG). There's no such limitations with patches and decals, though, so let your fruit flag fly!

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