Monday, March 31, 2008

Garden Tour Etiquette

I've now held a couple CRFG events at my house and I have some thoughts about tour etiquette that I thought I should disseminate before the upcoming tours at Gene Lester's, Idell's and Shyaam Shabaka's.

Remember that you are a guest at someone's home and/or garden. Please don't pick or harvest plants/seeds/fruit/budwood/scionwood without first receiving permission. Not everyone shares the same approach to their garden. While you may actively encourage people to take fruit, to pick flower and plants, etc. someone else might feel violated if their property is messed with without their permission. ALWAYS ASK FIRST. This applies whether you are touring a CRFG member's house or whether you're touring a large facility like Wolfskill. Bad behavior on tours reflects poorly on our chapter and can result in us being banned from ever being allowed to tour a site again.

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