Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Volunteers! Thank You For A Successful Scion Exchange!

At first I didn't write an email because I was completely exhausted
from the Scion Exchange. Then, when I had a bit more energy, I felt
as if I had to write professional writer level prose and put it off
'til I could summon that. But hang it all, people need to be
congratulated! We don't yet have tabulated figures for the number of
new members nor the money raised for the chapter. I don't know about
you, but it felt like a success to me. I was heartened to see a bit
of diversity in who was coming, the sign in sheet showed that some of
our PR efforts have worked, and we had a lot of people in that room!
Despite the quarantine's effect on what we can offer in our raffle,
we had fairly good participation in it.

NONE of this would be possible without all the many volunteers who
gave of their time and energy to make the Scion Exchange happen. I
want to avoid the trap of naming names and thus possibly leaving
someone out. I want to leave no volunteer out. You know who you
are. Know that I am very grateful for all of your help. I always
knew that the Scion Exchange was a lot of work but being on the
inside this year showed me that it's a minor miracle every year that
we can pull it off with the few resources we have.

The course of this event demonstrated something I'll be repeating
again and again until everyone knows it by heart: while we depend on
the volunteers who take on offices or big chunks of work, we are also
supported by and indebted to those who make whatever small contribution
they can. Even twenty minutes of help once a year can make a
difference. Do whatever you can and you will see this chapter
establish strong roots and thrive....and bear a harvest of
information and experiences that benefit YOU.

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