Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sat 6/16 Edible/Medicinal/Wildlife Garden Tour

What: Edible/Medicinal/Native Plant/Wildlife Garden Tour. One of the things that most amazes me about my yard which requires very little work and very little water is how beautiful, how productive, how much wildlife it attracts and how much it has taught me. I have 85 plant families represented in my average size yard. Every plant has a story and a purpose.

When: Saturday June 16th from 3-4:30 pm

Where: Shonduel's House at 22574 6th St, Hayward (4 houses north of B St on6th St. Please note, you can only access 6th St from Bst because of the creekthat runs between A St and B St. Feel free to call me prior at (510)881-1958 for directions if needed.)

My yard is at its prettiest this time of year, maybe last week. If interested, there are pictures of my yard and an article I wrote about the native plant aspect of my yard's that can be accessed on or by simply typing "shonduel 2006". Of course, my yard has grown quite a bit this past year.

Dreaming the World Beautiful,

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