Monday, June 18, 2007

Cherry tasting at Andy Mariani's orchard in Morgan Hill

Andy is second generation fruit farmer in Morgan Hill and has one of the most if not the most extensive collection of stone fruits and persimmons in California. The quality of his fruit is as good as it gets. Come hear him talk about the farm - a little history and what it takes to produce his artisan fruit. He will speak - then we taste and then tours will be led around the farm where you will be able to taste straight from the trees. There will be lots of fruit to purchase and take home too. Tasting is $12 per person.

Directions follow and to learn more about the upcoming tastings check out his website at There is a harvest calendar so you can see what varieties of apricots - cherries - plums - pluots - peaches - nectarines and persimmons are ripe at the different times.

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