Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bud grafting help needed

Jerrie, a non-CRFG member, in Albany is looking for someone to help her graft budwood from an old, but historically reliable, apricot tree onto a new tree. She is willing to pay for the service and asked me to post this message. Please call her if you can help, 510-479-7260, or email her at

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Bill Grimes said...

That reminds me that there is another individual here in San Francisco who has been waiting for someone to evaluate her tree for viability of grafting. Only this case is more difficult. Tje caller, Nyla Puccinelli, lives in the dreaded Balboa Triangle, in the Cow Hollow neighborhood, off Lombard. She has an ornamental flowering plum tree in her front yard that proves too tempting for some of the local bar denizens to pass up. Swinging on the limbs, they've managed to break off a couple and Nyla would like to replace them in an attempt to restore the appearance of the tree.

I've tried to discourage her, telling her that I do not believe the tree will ever look the same and that if we did a bark graft it would be some time before the limb could regrow to any reasonable size, but she's determined.

Is there someone (or someone you know who might be able to pull this off? If so, please give me a call or email be at president at crfg dot org.