Monday, February 5, 2007

If I you only had space for two grape varieties...

Here's a question for the group:

If you only had space for two grape varieties, which ones would you grow and why?

This question was spurred by reading Idell's list (there's a link to it on the right), "Grapes for a Cooler Bay Area Climate."


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Gail Morrison said...

We like our 'Black Monukka' grapes. Here in Richmond there is just barely enough heat, but a good spell of hot weather in late August/early September usually sweetens them right up. The bunches are very attractive and tempting hanging from the arbor, but you need to wait until they're really black, which seems to take forever. Unfortunately, we seldom get fruit anymore--raccoons gobble it all up before it is ripe. (Makes excellent raisins, too.)

'Glenora' would be an interesting one to try, because of its spectacular red fall foliage. I've never grown it, but a former chapter member used to grow it in San Pablo, just a few blocks from here. I'm not sure we have enough heat to fully ripen the fruit, though.