Thursday, February 1, 2007

New Chapter Blog


The Redwood Empire Chapter of CRFG recently had a poetry slam on their email list, writing and sharing haiku about the cold weather.

That made me so jealous that I started this blog for the Golden Gate Chapter. I envision it as a way to exchange fruit growing info and other items of interest in between chapter meetings.

Anyone can read it, so be nice! Also, anyone can comment on posts--just click the line that says 0 (or whatever number) comments. A page will come up where you will see a box to post your comment; just type it in. You can choose to sign it with your Google account, or as "other" (in which case you can type in your name), or as "anonymous."

If you want to initiate posts (including photos!), you will need to have or create a Google account, and send me your email address. I'll check it against the list of chapter subscribers, and set you up.

Don't let lack of familiarity with internet stuff intimidate you--this isn't too hard. If you run into difficulties with it, email me and I'll be happy to help you.

Gail Morrison

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Anonymous said...

A friend from New Zealand has been asking about tamarillos, do they grow in Livermore and where can you get one? Alice