Thursday, November 29, 2007

Golden Gate Chapter 2008 Newsletter Editor Needed

Hi, this is Alice Tang 2007 newsletter editor. I've been real busy with work, kids, etc and need to be replaced for 2008. I can help the new editor do the Jan 2008 edition. With netpost (hard copies mailed by the post office using a word document) it's a lot easier than when I was printing them on my own laser printer, duplexing by hand. Please step up! Members email me their articles and I edit them in word to fit our template and then email them out (I can send you the email list as well). The ones who don't have an email get a hard copy through netpost. I hope more members would move to email because it would save money and TREES. Please email me at if you can help. I also posts other chapters info on this blog, not sure if that's the editor's duty but since I get all the emails I do it. Thanks Alice

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